Sunshine Dog Walking and Hiking

Teri’s Sitting Service is now in the San Gabriel Valley as Sunshine Dog Walking and Hiking!

Hey everyone, I’m Tera! I have worked alongside my mom, Teri, with Teri’s Sitting Service for the last 11 years. I briefly stepped away to work as a dog trainer with a world renowned training company in Los Angeles for three years before returning to Teri’s Sitting Service to my first love of walking and hiking dogs.

Sunshine Dog Walking and Hiking specializes in walks and hikes that are not only physically stimulating, but are mentally stimulating as well. This means a much more relaxed dog for the rest of the day!

Any breed and temperament is welcome! With my extensive knowledge and experience with dog training, I am comfortable walking dogs with reactivity or aggressive tendencies during walks. Pack walks or solo walks are available depending on your personal preference.

Interested in learning how to have a better walk with your dog? Ask me about Tera’s Tune Up!
I can’t wait to meet you and yours dogs!

(310) 421-8705