Teri’s Sitting Service

Let us care for your pets as if they were family.

“Teri always treated our pets as her own. She has been with us through three different generations and no doubt many more to come.”

Brandi B (Torrance Beach)

Our Services

Pet Walking/Excursions

Take your pets on canyon adventures or basic walks around the block.

Feeding/Let Out

Come over while you are at work to feed and let your pets outside.

Stay Overnight

Stay the night with your pet and/or check in on them in the AM/PM while you are out.

We treat your pets as family

We have extensive experience in the pet sitting industry and prioritize the trust you place in us. We understand that pets are no longer just animals; they are cherished members of the family.

Why Choose Us


Treat your pets as our own.


Extensive experience in this area.


Small business allows to adapt to quick changes.

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