We take pride in delivering loving care to your pets while you are away.  Read what some of our satisfied clients have said about us!

Teri has been walking my Lab since 2011 and my Cocker Spaniel since 2015. She is the BEST! I totally trust her with my dogs. She is reliable, knowledgeable and very compassionate. She loves my pets and takes very good care of them. They look forward to their walks twice a week and she is flexible with her schedule so that when we are on vacation she will walk them more often if needed. I highly recommend her walking & pet sitting services to anyone!

Laura Thompson  (Lomita, CA)

I can’t even begin to say how thankful I am for Teri and Tera. We relocated from the Seattle area and knew no one in the area for a personal reference. After internet searches and speaking to several other agencies, we found Teri’s Sitting Service. We were so lucky!

Professional, trustworthy, organized and knowledgeable. I love the notebook! They use a notebook system to let you know how each visit went and arrival and departure times.  In our case, both of our boxers were older and had medical issues so we found this extremely helpful.  We had a pretty rigorous medication schedule between the two of them for a while and we could always count on Teri & Tera to be there to help us out when we had to make any adjustments.  They loved our dogs like they were their own.

My husband was out of town the night Newton passed away.   I called Teri when I needed help to get Newton to the hospital, she was at my house in 10 minutes, carrying a 100 lb boxer out my front door. Again, I can’t tell you how lucky we were to find her!

Brandi B.  (Torrance, CA)

To anyone looking for a great pet sitter:

The best thing I ever did was to find Teri’s (Pet) Sitting Service on Yelp.com.  I was concerned about being able to find a quality professional pet sitter with whom I could truly trust my home and my dog and cat to.  I was looking for someone who really cared about animals; dogs and cats in particular.  My search and decision were not taken lightly.   I should not have worried when I found Teri’s Sitting Service.  Her customer reviews were wonderful and definitely got my interest.  I decided to give Teri a try and found Teri to be so much more!  She cares deeply about her work, takes on her pet sitting responsibility like a true professional and has lots of experience.  She also has great family values.  Above all, she thinks creatively to make sure my pets are well cared, healthy & entertained during my absence.  She knows a ton about dog behaviors and should write a book for the rest of us!   I think my dog is happier in Teri’s arms than in mine!  She has been known to take photos of my pets at times as keeps a daily pet journal for my return.  And I mean they are great notes!  I can say without a doubt that when I go out of town knowing Teri is caring for my dog and cat, I can truly relax and enjoy my time away.  She is as responsible as they come and will find solutions to things as they come up, all the while staying in touch if needed!  Truthfully I am thinking to put her name on a room in my house hoping she will just stay!  J  And as a bonus, she has three cost levels available, depending on one’s budget.  What more can you ask from someone taking care of your much loved pets?

A Delighted Customer in Torrance

Teri’s Sitting Service is the best I have found!!  My dogs and cats are my kids so it was important to me to find someone that will take care of my “kids” like I would.  Tera watches our 2 Great Danes and 2 cats.  The dogs loved her instantly.  Both weight more than her (each) but she can handle them no problem.  She always keeps us updated on what is going on and even sends up pictures if there is something too cute that one of the animals has done.  And I love the notes she leaves.  We get to know how they were while we were gone.  It’s like we were there the whole time.  And my cats can be persnickety, but  that doesn’t matter to Tera.  She has a way with animals and they both come to her for cuddles.  I would not trust my “kids” with anyone else and I book her way in advance to make sure I have the best for my animals while I am away.  Thank you Tera (and Teri) for all of your amazing service.  I would refer anyone to you for the great job that you do!!  🙂 🙂

Mandy and Steve
Pistol and Dagen
Milo and Chloe

When I read the reviews of Teri’s pet-sitting service I thought they were too good to be true–but I was wrong.  Teri loves animals and they love her right back.  My daughter’s shy chihuahua was sitting in Teri’s lap in two days.  During our entire trip, Teri e-mailed photos of all the pets, which was greatly appreciated.  If there ever was a perfect pet-sitter, Teri is it!

Molly S. (Lomita, CA)

Teri is a WONDERFUL dog sitter! I’m so glad we found her!

We found Teri through a rave recommendation from a friend. Teri is very responsible, organized, energetic, flexible, and of course, a huge animal lover! She has a great personality and we felt very comfortable leaving our dogs with her. Our dogs got along with Teri and her daughter right away. Always a good sign. And the icing on the cake — her rates are extremely reasonable.

Teri watched our 2 German shepherds for a long weekend. She visited 3 times a day — long walk in the morning, long walk in the evening, then came back to crate them for the night. She left us a detailed schedule of everything they did, complete with pictures! Teri even cleaned up the present our girls left for her on the first day — they finally caught poor Mr. Squirrel… Our girls were probably sad when the long weekend was over!

What really impressed me was Teri’s phone call to make sure we made it home from our trip OK. She wanted to make sure that the dogs were taken care of, in the event something had delayed our return.

My husband and I fully trust Teri and we use her again and again and again. 100% recommend!

M. Miller (San Pedro, CA)

We have used Teri’s sitting service for some time now and have developed absolute trust that our dogs will be taken care of in the most loving ways.  Teri’s strength comes from her LOVE for the animals – it comes through.  We are more than comfortable that our dogs and our house are in good hands while away.  We highly recommend her service.

Miok R.  (Long Beach, CA)

My family has been using Teri’s Sitting Service for the past two years and we can wholeheartedly say that it has been a wonderful, secure, comfortable, loving, and caring service that she provides.  Our cat used to be boarded at a local animal hospital who took very good care of her, but when we returned she had lost weight, was very anxious, obviously and understandably upset at our leaving her.  By using Teri’s Sitting Service we have come home to a happy and comfortable kitty who loves being at her home.  The added bonus of having Teri come in-house is that it offers us an additional level of home security that boarding your pet just doesn’t provide.  Lastly, her prices are fair for the amount of time, love, and care she individually gives to your pet – you can’t compare the level of security that your pet will have in your home with Teri versus a boarded facility.

Kathy F.   (Torrance, CA)

Teri has been taking care of our dogs for several years.  Because my husband and I travel frequently, it is so comforting to know that Teri will be here to feed/ play/walk our dogs.  Even when we are home because of our schedule, we sometimes ask Teri to walk our dogs.  We have three very rambunctious dogs so it isn’t easy to take care of them.  They DO love her very much!  Every time she comes over they are so happy to see her that they cry.  Nice feeling that they are in good hands.

Teri is an animal lover, trustworthy and very caring person.  We highly recommend her to anyone who wants to have extra help with their pets.”

Mijoa Rho (Rancho Palos Verdes, CA)

We have been using Teri’s Sitting Service for the past three years and would not trust our “baby” to anyone else, unless it was family.  And if you asked our Maltese, Buffy, she would tell you that Teri and Tera ARE her second family!

When we first got our puppy, because we did not want to “board” her, we literally did not take any vacations for a year and a half!  Then we found Teri and now have such absolute and complete trust in her and know that we no longer have to worry!  We know that while we are away, Buffy is in the most loving hands she could be in, other than our own.  Teri is very caring and trustworthy and when you talk to her, you can feel her love for animals come shining through.

We offer the highest recommendation for Teri’s Sitting Service and the peace of mind that can only come with knowing that your pet is in the most loving and caring hands.

Karen S. (Torrance, CA)