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Protecting Your Pets from Household Hazards


Many foods can be dangerous and potentially deadly for cats and dogs. Keep these food items out of your pet’s reach:

  • coffee grounds
  • grapes
  • chocolate
  • onions
  • yeast
  • dough
  • tea
  • macadamia
  • nuts
  • alcohol
  • fatty foods
  • salt
  • avocado
  • garlic
  • chewing gum, candy and breath fresheners containing xylitol


Many medications used to treat human medical conditions can make your pet sick. Never give your pets any medication that is not prescribed by a veterinarian and be sure to keep your medicine cabinet locked and these medications out of reach:

  • aspirin diet pills
  • ibuprofen vitamins
  • naproxen antihistamines
  • acetaminophen antidepressants
  • cold medicines prescription drugs

For a comprehensive list of other household hazards, visit the American Veterinary Medical Association Web site. (Source:


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